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 Adhunic Sansadhan


The balloon shaped planetarium was provided by the M.P. Council of Science and Technology (MPCOST) in the 2006. The construction work of the dome of the planetarium has been carried out by the M.P. Tourism Development Corporation in 2009. The top most part of the planetarium is shaped like a 'globe' and it can house visitors.

The information about the 'Ecliptic'(the apparent path of the Sun among the stars during the year), Knowledge about direction, the polar star, the twelve Zodiac signs, the Orion, the Ursa Major etc.are given in the show being shown in the planetarium.

Taramandal Jiwaji Observatory   Taramandal Jiwaji Observatory   Taramandal Jiwaji Observatory   Taramandal Jiwaji Observatory

The following telescopes are available in the Observatory:
2"diameter-installed in the year 1933
3"diameter-installed in the year 1955
8"diameter electronic-installed in the year 2003
2"diameter with solar filter-installed in the year 2007

The visitors can watch the sky and the heavenly bodies in the night also using the above telescopes. Special occurrences such as 'eclipses' can be viewed by the tourists in the observatory. One can also watch the bright Sun and Sun using these telescopes.
  Samrat Yantra Jiwaji Observatory
3D Theater :

At present, Information from all the planets of Solar System and sun is provided by C.D. called Our "Solar Parivar". In future, it is proposed to make 3D theater through 3D projector in the meeting room.
Open Theater :

Connecting the computerized telescope of 18-inch wide through the projector, visible celestial bodies and eclipses etc specific astronomical events are proposed to be displayed through the open theater.
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