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Publication of the Astronomical EPHEMERIS (Panchang) is conducted by the Observatory every year and has been in force since 1942. These Ephemeris are very much useful to the astronomical experts and also to the publishers and composers of ephemeris. A detailed description regarding sunrise, sunset, altitudinal and longitudinal declination of the planets, eclipses, mean longitudes, the entrance of the moon into the zodiacal sings, Mutual aspects of planet the Vinshotridasha and Antar Dasa have been given in it. Previous editions are also available for sale.
1.Introduction of role and observatory
2.Under the planetary position of each day, the enjoyment of the planets like Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus has been given.
3.Under the Phenomena, specific events occurring in the sky are provided.
4.Information about the rise and the origin of the sun and the moonlight is given.
5.The madhya bhog of the planets, the madhya bhog of the moon and the rashi of the moon are given entrance.
6. Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse have been given throughout the year.
7. From the Moon, the yoga period of various planets, the mutual Yogic of the planets and the Yutikilan revolutionaries of the planets have been given.
8. Along with the history of the observatory, the colorful paintings of the ancient instruments and their methodology have also been included in the lunar calendar.


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